Why Smart Prospective

The easiest and cheapest way to manage your screens
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The easiest way to manage your screens

It's simple, you don't have to do anything. In a few minutes, you have access to our online platform.

In a day, you receive the player allowing you to smartly display your content.

A few seconds later, your screen catches everyone's eye.

Call us today, and start displaying tomorrow.

  • The most complete service on the market

    We take care of everything. You don't have to look for several providers because we bring all their specialties together at one point, and it is called Smart Prospective.

  • An intelligent and simple platform, accessible to all

    Connect, add your media, push it to your screens, and you're done. It doesn't take more than 5 minutes. You can customize your platform by adding modification rights to users, or seeing your invoices or deliveries in progress.

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The world today

Are you tired of hearing about USB drives, expensive monthly subscriptions, ads that are displayed at the wrong time, or customer services that take hours
to call you back ?

A single point of contact

We are located in the middle of these four activities!
We guarantee a relevant choice of screens, in agreement with you.
Also an efficient deployment of this hardware thanks to our integrator partners.
We provide a complete, intuitive and smart digital signage solution, and we ensure fast and simplified customer data collection.


Data statement
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Dynamic display solution

Make it easier to manage digital signage, it's simple !

Showing the right content to the right person can sometimes seem impossible. At Smart Prospective, we love challenges. That's why we've created the most intuitive and smart platform to help and support you in your display campaign.
  • The most complete solution

    To make your life easier, we have gathered all the services useful for digital signage.
    That is to say the choice of the screen, the installation, the digital signage solution, and support available 24/7

    See how to add content
  • Platform designed for everyone

    The platform is intuitive and smart, add your media, push it to your screens and watch the result in real time, worldwide.
    With one click, change your content, become flexible and ahead of the competition.

    See the platform
  • Increase your income with your display campaign

    No longer display advertising but relevant information that will reach the customer.
    Your display campaigns will become a real source of income that you can measure thanks to our data statement.

    What can be displayed
  • A single point of

    You have a single point of contact dedicated to you. He finds solutions to your problems, day or night, and every day of the week.
    On average, it takes 15 minutes to resolve a ticket with our CSMs.

    Who we are
  • For less wasted time and more money, switch to SP

Swift like lightning
Don't waste another second and switch to SP

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