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Whatever screen

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Monitor your equipment

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Monitor your equipment
  • Compatible with every screen

    Whether for your store window, point of sale, hospital,hotel, break room or meeting, we provide you with the screen. LG, Samsung, Iiyama, Dell, Lenovo, Philipps, ViewSonic screens do not require our player to display your content. You can therefore create a mixed park with screens without player and others with.

  • Buy and sell space from this little box

    It has never been so easy to make money: display your content on screens you don't own or sell screen time when you're not using your screen.

  • Create a mixed park

    If you have skyscrapers but also caves, you can create a park made up of screens with or without a player.

  • We discuss together, you choose, we install

    In a shop, in a mall, in a factory or for internal communication, we create your project together. Nothing's easier.

    We adapt our offer according to your needs, we take the time, and guarantee you an irreproachable and fast service.

  • Two connections and the case is closed

    If you know how to connect a hair dryer, a toaster or a playstation, you will know how to connect our box. And if you want,we can even plug it in for you. We told you, we work, you rest.

Tailor-made solutions, anywhere

The world of tomorrow

Don't waste a penny anymore

We guarantee to get the material 10%
cheaper than elsewhere. So send us your quotes, and you will get better than a good deal

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