Internal communication

Promote team cohesion

Dynamic display facilitates your internal communication and strengthens the commitment of your teams

Communicate quickly and effectively

Dynamic display opens up the field of possibilities! Express yourself on various topics for our employees :

  • Corporate communication : monthly objectives, annual reporting...
  • News : weather, public transport, important miscellaneous facts...
  • Miscellaneous : new recruit, birthday of the day, canteen menu, next team building...

Communicate simply and effectively !

What can be displayed

Welcome your customers the way they should

Use the screens to show the way to a meeting room, its availability, who's there, and more. Capture twice the attention of a traditional paper display !

What kind of screen do I need

The best cohesion factor

For several years, you have been looking for how to make your team more united and engaged in your company? The Smart Display is the only answer. Display what you want, when you want, to capture your team's attention and make them enterprising.

See the platform

Keep control over your users

With our entitlement attribution and restriction features, you can maintain control over who uses the platform and how they use it. You can restrict access to certain pages or certain fields, and on the contrary add rights to those who deserve it.
Don't be surprised if you get more compliments than usual …

Why switch to SP?
Connect all your business tools to make your life easier
  • ms-teams
  • slack
  • zapier
  • google-cloud

We take care of everything

We take care of making your offices pretty

Entrust us with your digital signage project for your internal communication, and we take care of all the operational parts. We know what type of screen goes in the corridors, in the meeting rooms, at the reception, in the break rooms, and even in the toilets.We install them, we take care of the maintenance and the display management tool. In short, we are the only point of contact to talk to.

Things to remember

We don't question your memory, but a checklist doesn't hurt.

Your security is our priority

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