Highlight your delicious dishes

No more unreadable menus or prices to change twice a day, give your restaurant the extra touch.
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Screens adapted to your project

Our salespeople are very often trained on the types of screens that exist. They know how to advise you while offering you the best prices on the market.
We take care of your project as if it were our own, so we never fail. If you intend to digitize your restaurant, let us know😉

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Automate your designs

You have two choices for your templates:
fill them in manually or automate them by connecting them via API to Smart Prospective.
If you run out of sausage for your tacos or salmon for your poke, the template will automatically remove the dishes including these ingredients.

More info about automation

Display where others don't

As an SP customer, you have access to more than 100,000 screens across France. Display the content you want by adapting it according to the place, the audience or the weather. If you open an agency, don't hesitate to let everyone know! Create strategies and see the results.

Discover all our secrets

Bring customers into your restaurant

Directly overlooking the street, the high-brightness screens catch the eye of passers-by.
Display your latest creation or your rock-bottom prices and increase the number of entries into your restaurant.

How to create compelling content
Connect all your business tools to make your life easier
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We take care of everything

Our service is 360°

We help you from A to Z. Initially for the choice of your screens, then for the delivery and installation of the equipment and finally for the launch of the management tool. You are also accompanied by a member of our team for several years to monitor your performance.

Things to remember

We don't question your memory, but a checklist doesn't hurt.

Your security is our priority

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  • Smart Prospective est l’un de nos partenaires depuis plus d’un an. Nous sommes très satisfaits de leur accompagnement, notamment dans la digitalisation de l’ensemble des concepts de notre réseau. De plus, le support réalisé par l’équipe est irréprochable.

    Jérémie DUPUY - Groupe Pitaya
    Responsable du développement International
  • Nous travaillons avec Smart Prospective depuis plus d’un an, et nous sommes ravis. Le service est impeccable et ils proposent une solution complète. Cerise sur le gâteau, leur équipe est top ! Je ne peux que vous conseiller de travailler avec eux !

    Mounia TAZI - Berliner
    Chargée de communication
  • La solution Smart Prospective nous permet de montrer tout l’univers de Pokawa. Ils apportent un côté immersif dans l'expérience client, on peut raconter une vraie histoire ; Une vidéo est beaucoup plus vendeuse qu’un format papier, qu’il faut changer chaque semaine, soit dit en passant. Grâce à eux, nous avons boosté nos ventes !

    Maxime BUHLER et Samuel CARRÉ - Pokawa
    co-fondateurs de Pokawa