It's never too late to switch to SP

If you are not yet with us, it does not matter, we forgive you. Fortunately, you can still switch!
Trust us, you will see the difference after the first month, and not just on the bills.

Pay nothing more and have a
cheaper price at the end of
your subscription chain

It is not because you are already engaged that you cannot enjoy our services. Until the end of your contract, you do
not pay our subscription, but we send you our player anyway! Because sharing is cool, we give you free access to our
platform so that you can enjoy 100% of our services.
Once your contract is over, you have preferential prices on our subscription, which is always non-binding.

Player compatible with all screens

SP players are compatible with 100% of screens. For those of the brand Samsung, Philipps, LG, ViewSonic, Lenovo, Iiyama, Dell , there is no longer any need for the player, the platform is already integrated into the screen. You can also create a mixed park, made up of screens with player and others without.

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A longevity of more than 5 years

We won't give up on you that easily. Our players are operational for more than five years. When you feel that they are no longer performing enough, we will send you a new one, prepared with love.

Technical specifications
Tech specs

Automate your screens

Thanks to our API, you can automate everything.
Whether it is to display a different product when another is out of stock or to check if your players are well connected to your screens, you have eyes everywhere.
You save time and flexibility, not bad to get ahead of the competition, don't you?

No more waste

We love the planet, and for it, we’ll do whatever it takes. Even to take back your waste. Well, we mean your old computer hardware. We recycle them to revalue them, or we give them to associations working for education in developing countries.

Recycle material

Your security is our priority

Lock ***********************

The best customer service you will ever know

We are used to receiving calls from companies that want to switch. Be the next one, we are delighted to welcome you! We know that the transition period can be scary (too much
paperwork), but we take care of everything.
Looking forward to you being part of our family.

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one we offer
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