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We are often asked why we created Smart Prospective.
We started from the observation that companies have difficulty in innovating in their way of communicating and adapting their messages according to their audience.
Our incredible geeks have imagined a simple tool to solve these problems !
Our expertise ? Show the right message, to the right person, at the right time.
Step by step, our team is prospering and becoming an anthill of talent. There is no shortage of ideas to enrich our tool so that it becomes the smartest in the world !
A great man once said
"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."
Steve Jobs

As passionate about our professions, we can only share the idea.
Developers, geniuses, coders, geeks ...

Call them whatever you want, but without them we wouldn't be here. They embody the will, the rigor, the patience and have been the heart of Smart Prospective, for 6 years and forever❤️

Be part of the future
The key word at Smart Prospective?

Make life easier.

This is why the company was created and this is our philosophy. All these years we worked hard to achieve simplicity, while you are staying in your sofa, what a paradox🎉

No, it's not a lie
Good mood day
and night

The humor of our dear Customer Success Hero Manager.

He is more than a listening ear, he advises you, reassures you and makes you laugh all day long.

And you know what ? All while being professional and flawless.

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We listen to you and build your project together

We bend over backwards for you to guarantee you the best service on the market.😎

Have more by doing nothing more

Let's recycle together!

Our carbon impact has been worrying us, and we do everything to reduce it as much as possible :
  • We take back all your computer equipment and upgrade it to specialized companies
  • We also donate it to associations working for education in developping countries
  • And to limit our impact even more, we have developed the possibility of adding hours of switching off and switching on your screens.
Recycle-Ill Recycle

Your safety comes first!

Maybe your privacy is interesting, but we don't want it.
This is why we are approved by the GDPR which recognizes our respect towards you.

Come visit us in the most beautiful city in the world

And if you want French wine (the only real and delicious wine), let us know, the rumor says that we offer it to our customers.
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Our offices are in great locations

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