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You are integrators or resellers and looking for the company that will bring you money in no time? You have found Smart Prospective right on time!
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Whitebranded partnership

Our goal is above all to help you by offering you a reliable, reciprocal and advantageous contract.
We meet your needs by adapting to your situation, as much in terms of price as of organization and timing.

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Cheaper purchase prices

Thanks to our partnerships, you can- such as TechData, aka the treasure of computer products. All prices are cheaper like our digital signage solution, which you can resell to your customers at low prices.

No hidden costs

Speed of delivery

By reselling our solution, you benefit from the speed of delivery that we take advantage of.
That is to say a delivery of the equipment in D + 1 when it is in stock, and you have priority when a re-provisioning takes place. And for you who are integrators, we are committed to delivering the equipment quickly on site or in your warehouse if it suits you.

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Our involvement in the contract

We like speed. Like Flash McQueen. Or simply Flash.
This is why you have a dedicated contact person who answers you at any time, even on weekends, so that no problem remains for long. If the problem is technical, we bring technicians to your customers' sites during the day if necessary.

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Connect all your business tools to make your life easier
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Angels fallen from the sky

Offer Smart Prospective customer support to your customers

Since you resell our solution, your customers will benefit from the much loved support of Smart Prospective. Our current customers can attest to this: they all appreciate the relationship that is created and the speed with which problems are resolved.

Things to remember

We don't question your memory, but a checklist doesn't hurt.
Suitable solution

Suitable solution, everywhere

Your security is our priority

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  • Smart Prospective s'est occupé de l'installation de nos écrans et nous a très bien accompagné dans cette démarche. Suite à ça, on remarque une amélioration de l'expérience client et le travail des équipes est facilité. Leur service client est toujours disponible et très réactif. Mention spéciale à Victoria pour son aide et sa grande patience !

    Farhat Khaled - SBBAT
    Associé gérant chez STBBAT

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