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Digital signage
at its peak

It took years of hard work and expertise to become the most complete digital signage solution on the market.

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You have just opened the doors of paradise!
You will surely be disappointed to learn that we are not gods, but we do the best we can ...
Our developers are superheroes, our salespeople are listening to you day and night, and our Customer Success Heroes would move mountains for you. We have developed a solution that we believe is worthy of the gods, but we prefer to let you be the judge.
This tool allows you to increase your income through relevant and targeted posting. We offer a digital signage solution that allows you to manage all your screens remotely, anywhere in the world.
all you need

From a simple platform

Push whatever you want on your screens

Do you want a tool to display what you want?
You are in the right place !
Whether it's the weekly promotions for your clients or your colleague's birthday photo, you are free to choose the display that suits you.
Discover all our secrets

Manage your screens

Manage your screens with disconcerting ease!
Once the installation is done, you can create groups of screens, groups of buildings or even program the time to switch the screen on or off.
Let your imagination run free!
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Manage your users

No longer choose who will be the chosen one to have access to the platform! Add as many users as you want, without limit. Assign them rights to modify, add or remove content, in order to maintain control.
Open my chacrastic

From a simple platform

We have concocted a platform straight out of the oven, especially to make screen management fun AND relevant!
Create your own media gallery, accessible to all users you have previously selected. You have access to all the content displayed in real time on your screens!
Discover all our secrets

Push it in the right context

Are you curious to be a part of a révolution?
No problem, we are in, together❤️
We have integrated AI to perform even more🚀
Push depending on people infront of your screens...and
  • Get more prospects stats
  • Adapt your strategy
  • Watch your income increase
All of our data is anonymous, not stored and the system is GDPR approved 🛡️

All-in-one solution

We take care of you!
We choose together the equipment you need, then our Customer Success Hero trains you on our platform and follows you 24/7.
The key to success comes above all from a good relationship.
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screens screens screens screens screens screens
Have you ever dreamed of having all of these features delivered to you as quickly as a pizza? 🍕
Well, we've got you covered ...
Still not convinced ?
See more ...
Sell and Buy Space

Do you want to make money from your screens at lightning speed? We offer you the possibility of selling space to other companies. Conversely, if you do not have screens and you want to see your great poster displayed, you can buy broadcasting time on the screens of our partners!

Finally, you can also see your content posted in malls or on the street, just ask us! By joining the Smart Prospective family, you help this world being more united ❤️

Sell and Buy Space
Turnkey service

We're sure you enjoy the idea of sitting in your chair watching others at work, which is why we offer your services on a silver platter.

We take care of the choice of the screens, the delivery, installation, and launch of the equipment.

We work, you rest!
Turnkey service

Follow these steps and do nothing more

Suitable solution

Suitable solution, everywhere

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