Insurances and banks

Showcase your bank and insurance agency

Stand out from your competitors by becoming the most beautiful and connected agency in town, the one everyone remembers walking past.

Turn the queue into a fun playground

Make your customers wait at the reception with interactive screens or videos that you broadcast to attract them. It is a strategic location!
Your customers will no longer turn around when they see the queue at the entrance.

What can be displayed

Become the most connected agency in the city

Make passers-by remember your agency.
Thanks to brand new and flashy equipment, do not go unnoticed.
Do you know what we say?
Word of mouth is the best business vehicle.

Which screen to choose

Display where others don't

As an SP customer, you have access to more than 100,000 screens across France. Display the content you want by adapting it according to the place, the audience or the weather. If you open an agency, don't hesitate to let everyone know! Create strategies and see the results.

Discover all our secrets

Break rooms will no longer be ordinary rooms

Bring back a smile to your employees after a difficult meeting thanks to a nice team photo. Create links and see the interest rate of your employees increase strongly.
Your agency will become a second home.

Display in internal communication
Connect all your business tools to make your life easier
  • ms-teams
  • slack
  • zapier
  • google-cloud

We take care of everything

We deploy in all your banking and insurance agencies

To pamper your agencies, we have received training in order to best advise you on the choice of screen. Once selected, we deliver them to you and install them in all the agencies of your choice. Then we provide you with the digital signage solution and we are here 24/7 to listen to you.

Things to remember

We don't question your memory, but a checklist doesn't hurt.

Your security is our priority

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