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We love people who aim for the top. Who gives everything to make themself known. Who succeeds where others fail.

The Sell & Buy Space, this little idea to earn a lot of money

You are a Smart Prospective customer and want to earn more money? Thanks to the player that you have connected to your screen, you will be able to do it.

Sell ​​time to display on your screens when you are not using them to other companies. We are sure that some of you turn off your screens during the night, you can now earn money by renting this space.💸

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The same solution, from your computer

You don't need to change your subscription or player.
This feature is available from the same platform you are working with.
If you want to buy space, go to the platform and choose the radius (in kilometers) in which you want to see your content displayed on our available screens.
But if you want to sell your space, you can do it on the platform or if you prefer to talk to a human, let us know👇

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You can display everything

Since you control all of this from our platform, you can display all types of content. Your social networks, a Youtube video, a PDF or your website, it's up to you. And all of this in real time from your sofa.☕

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Adapt to the environment

You can display the information according to the weather, warn people of the traffic, or even adapt your content according to your stocks. Choose the frequency of appearance of your media, high, low or medium, it's up to you to see how often your content will be displayed. ‍Change, replace and adapt your content as many times as you want.

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Quantify your impact

Measure the quality of your campaign by analyzing the number of people walking in front of the screen, those who stop and those who just pass by.
You can also see the type of person who seems interested, their age group, their socio-professional categories and their gender. This way, you can direct your campaign and target your audience.

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Display on over100,000 screens

Integrated into several government delegations, we have a fleet of more than 100,000 screens in France and in Europe.
As an SP customer, you have access to this entire network.

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