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A simple and clear offer, which includes absolutely everything

Included services

The most reliable solution at the right price. Yes, everything you see below is included, we are tired of the hidden costs too.

Optional services🔍

We design templates!

If you are not creative or do not have the time to put your talent as a designer to work, we can create templates for you.

In collaboration with designers specializing in content creation, we create, according to your ideas and preferences, static or dynamic templates. These are graphic creations that you can generate automatically from an API or fill in manually. No more waste of time creating different designs, opt for this great innovation that will save you time and money!

We design templates!
The world of tomorrow

Earn money by doing nothing

It's nice to earn money with just one click, isn't it?

You can sell display time on your screens when you are not using them.
And if you don't have screens, you can buy that display time on screens in shop windows or on the street.

So what are you waiting for?

Pig Coin

The cheapest screens on the market

We offer you high quality computer hardware at 10% cheaper than our competitors. All of this is possible thanks to our amazing partners ❤️

Screens adapted to your needs

We advise you on screens adapted to your sector of activity, budget, and environment. They are to rent or to buy, then installed by technicians. Our players are compatible with all types of screens.

Any questions ?

There are no stupid question!
Do not hesitate, we are here to answer your questions)
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If I already have a contract with another provider, do I have to wait until the end of my contract?

You do not have to wait for the end of your contract with another supplier to take advantage of our offers. We send you, as soon as you wish, a Smart Prospective player to test our solution for free and start easily programming your content. In return, we ask you for a minimum commitment equivalent to the loan time of the player at the end of your contract with your initial supplier.

I already have screens but I want to change them, what should I do?

If you want to change your equipment, we take back your screens and send them to the association "Le petit geste qui fait la différence". We then offer you a new range adapted to your needs and apply a discount equal to the value of your old equipment.

I don't have WiFi, can I use your services?

Connection is possible from three different sources: connection sharing, WiFi or an ethernet cable (RJ45). Do not hesitate to contact us if necessary, our experts will explain the different procedures in more detail !

I have a connection issue, will my screen stop displaying my content?

We have an anti-black screen system. Unless there is a power outage, you will always have content displayed on your screens! A security image can be added or modified from your space on the platform.


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