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A simple platform for complicated things

Adding media has never been easier

This media gallery allows you to add, categorize, and push the content you want on your screens.

And to make your life even easier, we've created this calendar that shows your upcoming display🔍

Adding media

Display your content in less than 10 seconds

Adding and broadcasting your content according to the weather, the type of passers-by, the time, or even the temperature is now possible.

And by the time you read this sentence, several media have already been added and are displayed around the world📽️

Tell me more
Display content

From a relevant
(and pretty) dashboard

Because being lazy is cool, we have created a dashboard gathering all the useful
information, easy to understand at a glance👀


We also pamper your screens

We have reserved pages dedicated to your screens, your buildings, and your equipment. Add, delete, divide or create endless groups of screens, buildings or materials. We offer you the infinity✨

More geek details
We pamper screens

Artificial intelligence

Smart Ads is an artificial intelligence that accurately measures store traffic and suggests appropriate content based on customer flow.

  • Content adapted in real time according to the characteristics of passers-by
  • Remote display control and AI-powered ad targeting
  • Type of visitors based on their frequentation
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Artificial intelligence

Sell ​​and buy space in one click

Make money selling display time from your unused screens? Or save money displaying your content without buying screens, all directly from the platform? It's enticing, isn't it?

I want to make money
Sell and buy
luggage luggage

This little extra for the
impatient ones

Be the master of time.
Check precisely where and when your package is⏳
№ 50 4444 8888 5678 Name of Material (Building 1) : Lyon Building 1

Type of delivery : Express delivery

Elit auctor nisi nullam egestas a tellus. : Delivery is scheduled for 16/02/2020

50 %
  • Paris 14.02.2020
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Leon : Lyon

Be the king of the world

Elect an admin, who will determine the rights of all other users. The rights to add, modify, and delete content, buldings or materials. You can thus keep control over everything all over the world, such as your graphic charter👑

Become the king
Be the king

The advantages that make
the difference

And that's only the beginning…🌚
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  • Night mode
    Night mode
    Or if your eyes hurt when looking at your screen, switch to night mode.

Monitor your equipment in
real time

Keep an eye on your materials. Limit access to the platform to the users of your choice, schedule your screens to turn
on and off, or have all the MAC addresses of your Smart Prospective player network🤓

Monitor your equipment

Track your bills to the nearest penny

Check your invoices in real time. We bill franchisees directly to them, so you don't have to do all the paperwork. Again, you can limit access to this section

Simulate my bill
Track your bills

All the screens of the world at your fingertips

Display your content not in your city or in your country, but worldwide. All of this, manageable from your sofa

Stay in my sofa
Screens at fingertips

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