Architects and designers

Architects and IT providers, a great love story

Or not. But with Smart Prospective, you are entering a new world.
That of kindness and efficiency.
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Offer your customers the best solution on the market

Because having screens attracts the eye and increases the turnover of a company, don't you think it would be wise for you to offer them THE solution that will make them rich? I remind you that the more money they have, the more they will call on you for their projects. 😉

Why we can boast

No more intermediaries, it happens between you and us

Gone are the days waiting for an answer between the one who sells you the screen and those who install them for you, we take care of everything. You will save time and efficiency by partnering with us because everything will be done in front of your eyes. A simple agreement from you and everything starts in no time.

Who we are

We will propose your brand

A contract is bilateral. Which means that it is reciprocal and that we have commitments on both sides. We are therefore committed to offering your company to our clients for all their projects. More turnover, more efficiency, more free time, no traps.

Why SP

Our involvement in the contract

We like speed. Like Flash McQueen. Or simply Flash.
This is why you have a dedicated contact person who answers you at any time, even on weekends, so that no problem remains for long. If the problem is technical, we bring technicians to your customers' sites during the day if necessary.

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Connect all your business tools to make your life easier
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  • slack
  • zapier
  • google-cloud

Angels fallen from the sky

Offer Smart Prospective customer support to your customers

Since you resell our solution, your customers will benefit from the much loved support of Smart Prospective. Our current customers can attest to this: they all appreciate the relationship that is created and the speed with which problems are resolved.

Things to remember

We don't question your memory, but a checklist doesn't hurt.
Suitable solution

Suitable solution, everywhere

Your security is our priority

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