Recover the data you want

Designed to display media added to the platform, it is compatible with Smart Display and Smart Ads

  • Plug & play
  • Compatible with 4K screens
  • Several interfaces: LAN port, USB, HDMI, RJ45 100Mbit and DC 5V 2A with power adapter
  • 32GB of memory, expandable to 1T
What can be displayed
What can be displayed

Control your player

Even if you are not a computer genius, it is not complicated to install our player

  • An electrical outlet
  • A screen with an HDMI / VGA / DisplayPort connection
  • An internet connection via Ethernet / WIFI / 4G
  • The configuration required if you have a filtered network
More info about the player

Automate your template

With this architecture, you can integrate Smart Foresight into your network within two minutes.
We make your life and that of your CIOs easier!

What is a template

Link screens to your business tools

We love transparency. This is why you have access to all the information of a device, such as its MAC address, Wifi, SSID or even its IP, while respecting your privacy.

You can also check whether such hardware is connected or not. The true definition of freedom.

More info about the player

Fill your media in the blink of an
eye thanks to the API

You can add the latest media you posted or photos uploaded by your community managers.
You can modify it in its entirety and link it to whatever you want using the API.
If it's not luxury, what is it?


Connect to the whole world

To guarantee your security, we have developed an anti-intrusion system so that no one can hack your data.

Also, our intelligence automatically detects and stops inappropriate content, such as insults or pornographic images. Hacking our systems is like entering Area 51, you have to be an alien to do it.👽

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