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The only tool combining screen integration, advertising management, audience-based dynamic display and a counting system.
Manage all your screens around the world from your computer.
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Smart Prospective is the most complete solution on the market for managing screens remotely. The goal is to display the right content to the right audience. The key words are simplicity and relevance.

Smart Prospective customers use the solution for their point-of-sale (Fnac Darty, Pokawa, Décathlon, Bagel Corner) but also for internal communication (SKF, Aréas Assurance, Agap 2). They can also distribute their content in the street, shopping centers, airports etc ...
thanks to partnerships with advertising agencies.
Since its creation in 2016, SP has been established in Paris, Bordeaux, and Montreal.


They talk about us

  • SPlogo
    SP Logo

    Presentation of the company Smart Prospective

  • afrique

    The inclusion and integration of the economy serve the emergence of Africa

  • fiad

    Smart Prospective wins the 1st prize of the "Young Entrepreneurs Trophies" at FIAD 2019

  • oussama-abbou
    Oussama Abbou

    Oussama Abbou presents Smart Prospective at FIAD 2019

  • trophées

    The "Young Entrepreneurs Trophies" reward Smart Prospective

  • entrepreneurs

    FIAD 2019: award-winning young entrepreneurs

  • scene

    Smart Prospective offers a dynamic display platform

  • winner

    Young Entrepreneurs Trophies, a consecration of African genius

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