Add all the media you want. Whether it's the one you created or the one we made for you, add, program and display it on your screens.

Add your own files

We know that you have beautiful content in your files, but that you do not know where, when and how to display them.

We offer you the possibility of pushing all your files:
images, videos, PDFs and even PowerPoint onto your screens. The right message, at the right time and to the right person !

See how to add content
Add your files

Become an influencer

Are you proud of your Instagram or Facebook page ?
Do you have the best tweets in the world ?
Don't waste another second and post your social media feed.

Advice for better content
Advice for content

Do more than
display, create

If, on the contrary, you have the soul of a designer, we have included the Canva tool especially for you. Give free rein to your imagination! Take cues from the pre-recorded templates or trust your creativity, all directly from our platform.

Get ideas for content
Ideas for content

Relook your content

You may not be Leonardo da Vinci, and that's why we are here for you. Tell us what you want, and we design a creation just for you, you can then modify the template to your liking in less than a minute. Change, replace and adapt your content as many times as you want.

If it's not luxury, what is it?

See all the services offered
Order a design tonight, we deliver it to you tomorrow.

Efficiency or nothing

Surf the

Use your screens wisely! Display the weather forecast to warn passers-by of an impending thunderstorm, or tell them to leave work early because the subway is crowded.


Inform the world

Ultimate asset to attract attention on your screen: display the news of the day. You can also display the RSS feeds of your company or the sector of activity that you like.

Another idea, show how beautiful your website is !

Safety first
We can show everything !

Included services

The most reliable solution at the right price. Yes, everything you see below is included, we are tired of the hidden costs too.

Thanks for using the simulator!

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